Monday, 9 August 2010

The fun day was a huge success. Everybody had a great time and so far we have raised nearly 5000 pounds for the fungal research trust which is truly amazing and so important in helping support the work they do. We are hoping to present the cheque to a member of the trust at the first Gem's Little Gems charity dinner on September 11th.
I would like to thank personally and on behalf of the Gem's Litttle Gems committe members all those who helped, donated, attended, had their head shaved and got battered, bruised and very wet in the "It's a knock out" tournament. We could not have been so successful without you.
Congratulations also to the winning team for 2010. Gem's Little Sis's team (my sister; of whom I am very proud of) won the tournment and had a victorious celebration when they received their trophy and champagne (well sparkling wine actually). They celebrated in a style similar to that of winning the FA cup.
The ethos of Gem's Little Gems from the beginning has been to have a good time (as that is what the committe members are best at) and raise money along the way. We were very successful on both counts.
Thank you,

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