Wednesday, 30 October 2013

In Loving Memory of Gemma Mullowney- formally Pritchard

In August of 2013 members of Gemma's family wrote the following on Facebook (go to Facebook page here).

In memory of our beautiful wife, daughter, sister and best friend. An inspirational person, Gemma sadly lost her battle against Breast Cancer and Fungal Disease on the 27th August 2013.
Gemma amazed people throughout her illness with her positive attitude and strength of character. In her memory we are raising money for the Fungal Infection Trust and invite you to use the link below to donate to this cause which is a UK based charity set up to support the diagnosis, research and treatment of the type of rare fungal disease which Gemma fought so strongly over recent years.
I knew Gemma was very ill and as I had not heard from her Charity 'Gem's little Gems' for some time I had suspected all was not well.

I met Gemma on several occasions as I run the Aspergillus Website for the Fungal Infection Trust (formerly the Fungal Research Trust)  and together with Lynne Barnes ran several fundraising event for the Fungal Infection Trust. Over 2 - 3 years they raised an amazing amount of money to help support us.

Gemma always struck me as someone so full of life that she was not going to let a single second go to waste. I attended a fundraising evening with FIT Chairman Geoff Scott and Gemma and her family could not have been more welcoming and enthusiastic fundraisers. A terrific evening was had by all and if I remember correctly £6000 was raised!

I also met Gemma once or twice in clinic when she was in for a checkup and though I remember she looked ill she was still the same bright personality I had remembered that evening.

Gemma did a huge amount of good and helped many people with her unselfish acts over the three years I knew her. Her family should (and will) be very proud.

Rest in Peace Gemma XX

Graham Atherton