Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hi followers,
Sorry i've not posted for a while but i have been in and out of hospital for a while and it's hard to find the time when it feels like i'm constantly at the hospital. I just want to let you know that whilst i've been under the weather the fundraising has been continuing with a ladies night last october and a valentines event in february. Many thanks to the gems team who helped with all this both rasing nearly 1000 pounds.

On saturday 26th feb we are having an irish night including a ceili with the Leeds Comhaltas Irish dancers, raffle, auction and disco for £5 a ticket at The Leeds Irish Centre. Tickets are still available, it is set to be a fantastic night with lot's of prople confirmed to attend our first event in Leeds and not organised by the initial Gem's team. Many thanks have to be made to Caroline Caulfield for her tremendous effort in organising the event and to The Moane Brothers for their donation of brilliant auction prizes.

In total so far we have given over £7000 to the fungal research trust with hopefully alot more to come. In recognition of my breast cancer diagnosis we wanted to give to a cancer charity. We decided to give £1000 in Jan 2011 to the Candlelighters Childrens Cancer Charity in Leeds for the Leeds brain tumour lab researching childrens brain tumours because this research we felt like aspergillus is under funded from charitable donations.

Many thanks to you all that support gem's little gems