Wednesday, 30 October 2013

In Loving Memory of Gemma Mullowney- formally Pritchard

In August of 2013 members of Gemma's family wrote the following on Facebook (go to Facebook page here).

In memory of our beautiful wife, daughter, sister and best friend. An inspirational person, Gemma sadly lost her battle against Breast Cancer and Fungal Disease on the 27th August 2013.
Gemma amazed people throughout her illness with her positive attitude and strength of character. In her memory we are raising money for the Fungal Infection Trust and invite you to use the link below to donate to this cause which is a UK based charity set up to support the diagnosis, research and treatment of the type of rare fungal disease which Gemma fought so strongly over recent years.
I knew Gemma was very ill and as I had not heard from her Charity 'Gem's little Gems' for some time I had suspected all was not well.

I met Gemma on several occasions as I run the Aspergillus Website for the Fungal Infection Trust (formerly the Fungal Research Trust)  and together with Lynne Barnes ran several fundraising event for the Fungal Infection Trust. Over 2 - 3 years they raised an amazing amount of money to help support us.

Gemma always struck me as someone so full of life that she was not going to let a single second go to waste. I attended a fundraising evening with FIT Chairman Geoff Scott and Gemma and her family could not have been more welcoming and enthusiastic fundraisers. A terrific evening was had by all and if I remember correctly £6000 was raised!

I also met Gemma once or twice in clinic when she was in for a checkup and though I remember she looked ill she was still the same bright personality I had remembered that evening.

Gemma did a huge amount of good and helped many people with her unselfish acts over the three years I knew her. Her family should (and will) be very proud.

Rest in Peace Gemma XX

Graham Atherton

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hi followers,
Sorry i've not posted for a while but i have been in and out of hospital for a while and it's hard to find the time when it feels like i'm constantly at the hospital. I just want to let you know that whilst i've been under the weather the fundraising has been continuing with a ladies night last october and a valentines event in february. Many thanks to the gems team who helped with all this both rasing nearly 1000 pounds.

On saturday 26th feb we are having an irish night including a ceili with the Leeds Comhaltas Irish dancers, raffle, auction and disco for £5 a ticket at The Leeds Irish Centre. Tickets are still available, it is set to be a fantastic night with lot's of prople confirmed to attend our first event in Leeds and not organised by the initial Gem's team. Many thanks have to be made to Caroline Caulfield for her tremendous effort in organising the event and to The Moane Brothers for their donation of brilliant auction prizes.

In total so far we have given over £7000 to the fungal research trust with hopefully alot more to come. In recognition of my breast cancer diagnosis we wanted to give to a cancer charity. We decided to give £1000 in Jan 2011 to the Candlelighters Childrens Cancer Charity in Leeds for the Leeds brain tumour lab researching childrens brain tumours because this research we felt like aspergillus is under funded from charitable donations.

Many thanks to you all that support gem's little gems

Monday, 16 August 2010

Teddy Bear Garden Party

Another £700 yesterday!!! Well done everyone. Kids had a lovely time......and so did the adults. Thanks to everyone for their support and kindness especially Lindsay and Paul for the use of their beautiful garden. Gems little Gems did it again!

If anyone would like tickets for our Gala Dinner on the 11th Sep at Leigh Sports Village just let us know by the end of the week.

Love to you all, Lynne x

Monday, 9 August 2010

The fun day was a huge success. Everybody had a great time and so far we have raised nearly 5000 pounds for the fungal research trust which is truly amazing and so important in helping support the work they do. We are hoping to present the cheque to a member of the trust at the first Gem's Little Gems charity dinner on September 11th.
I would like to thank personally and on behalf of the Gem's Litttle Gems committe members all those who helped, donated, attended, had their head shaved and got battered, bruised and very wet in the "It's a knock out" tournament. We could not have been so successful without you.
Congratulations also to the winning team for 2010. Gem's Little Sis's team (my sister; of whom I am very proud of) won the tournment and had a victorious celebration when they received their trophy and champagne (well sparkling wine actually). They celebrated in a style similar to that of winning the FA cup.
The ethos of Gem's Little Gems from the beginning has been to have a good time (as that is what the committe members are best at) and raise money along the way. We were very successful on both counts.
Thank you,